Evergreen Kung Fu Builds Momentum at Belfair Tournament

Team Evergreen has delivered again with another strong showing at Jesse Palmer’s 2005 Northwest Open. Five members of Evergreen’s Kung Fu competition team joined up with four other members of the Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw national team for a good, energized competition in Belfair, WA.

The competition started off with the beginner forms division. All four competitors performed well, with Cary Kibby-Deck taking first and Darius Harding taking second, showing both their teammates and the opposition that they meant business. In the advanced brown-belt forms division, team captain Devon Waldron came out on top after a high profile run-off, taking first place. In the black belt forms division, former team captain Andrew Bresnik showed his speed and power, and placed third.

Team Evergreen swept the division in beginner point sparring. The four competitors waded through the double-elimination contest to come out on top, with Darius Harding taking first in an unprecedented show of smart fighting. After several high-energy, intensely fought matches Cary Kibby-Deck took second, Dan “Doj” Edleson-Stein took third, and Aubrey Harding came in at the number four spot.

The black belt point fighting division was intense and competitive. Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw’s five competitors fought hard, taking it to the opposition. Andrew Bresnik showed high-energy, but was disqualified for excessive face contact when he pulled of a fantastic kick to his opponents head. Noam Reininger fought fast and smart, but in the end was edged out in a close match by teammate Jesse Harter, who went on to place second. Evergreen’s captain Devon Waldron came in right behind him, at third place. National Team’s Owen O’Keefe was on fire, and took first without losing a single match.

Team Evergreen Kung Fu is running strong already this year, and it doesn’t look like things are bound to change. Team Evergreen would like to thank Grandmaster Leung Fu and Sifu Dana G. Daniels for their tireless and unflagging efforts in teaching Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw.

The Evergreen Bak Shaolin Eagle Claw Kung Fu Club and Competition Team meets Monday through Friday. Contact Team Captain Devon Waldron at (360)-357-9137 or Devon.C.Waldron@gmail.com . Bak Shaolin International website: www.bakshaolineagleclaw.com